Compound Components: What, Why and When.
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What are compound components?

First off I don't think there is a definite name for this pattern. I have heard Sarah Federman call this pattern "compound components" in her talk at the Web Directions Submit conference last year. I had been calling this pattern "composable components" but maybe that name is better reserved for actual composition where a component is used inside of another. While compound components are more about passing in components into "slots", in React this would be children or props.

A compound component is one that is intended to be used with other components. The Multiselect is the base component, while the Option and Group components are the composable parts.

  selectedValues={[1, 2]}
  onSelectedValuesChange={newValues => /* ... */}/>
  <Option optionValue={1}>One</Option>
  <Group header="The best numbers">
    <Option optionValue={2}>Two</Option>
    <Option optionValue={3}>Three</Option>

Why would you opt for this pattern?

Take this example of a similar Multiselect Component using props instead of the composable parts in the previous snippet.

  selectedValues={[1, 2]}
  onSelectedValuesChange={newValues => /* ... */}
    {display: 'One', value: 1},
        groupTitle: 'The best numbers',
        options: [
          {display: 'Two', value: 2},
          {display: 'Three', value: 3},

In the props example to enable group functionality, I created a nested data structure that has special objects for groups. There are much cleaner ways to achieve this specific functionality with props, but this is just an example to showcase the idea. With props like these, it's hard to separate the data model from the UI, you would need to build your data in a way to suit this props based component.

The main advantage that the compound component pattern version offers is its flexibility, you can support many variations without having to change the base components code. Want to make a Multiselect of people that shows their profile picture? Easy. Want to place an advertisement in between two groups of options? doable, maybe not the best user experience though.

When should you reach for compound components?

It's when you really need that flexibility benefit. Are you building something that you know will need to be used in subtly different ways many times throughout your application(s)? Deciding to go for the compound components pattern needs some forethought.

A stricter approach like props is better for consistency. If you want a component to look and behave the same everywhere that it is used then compound components should not be your first choice.

When you don't know what the future will hold for a component then maybe its best to use stricter props to begin with and then pay the refactoring price later on to transform it into a composable component.

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